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Penguin Random House publishes Independent People

In October Penguin Random House will publish the classic "Independent People" by Halldor Laxness. Einar Hakonarson's portrait of the Nobel price winning author will be on the front cover.


A feature-length documentary about the artist Einar Hákonarson

The film follows the inner struggles of a painter who has documented his native Iceland and its ever-evolving society for half a century and his constant search for the truth in his art. The documentary also tells the story of external conflicts, a time when the painting was declared dead and an obsolete as an artform in the Icelandic art scene. It got excluded from the nation’s major exhibition halls and public funding, Classical painters found themselves systematically shunned and without livelihood.

Einar Hakonarson the artist, who also is the former head of the Icelandic college of fine art, and the director of the Reykjavik City Museum, became a torchbearer for the painting as he would go on a 30-year crusade in its name.

The Pulse of Time will premier in 2021.


Showroom in Reykjavik

Einar's studio is in the remote village of Holmavik in north Iceland. Inquiries or visits to the Reykjavik showroom can be made via email or telephone.  (see contact).

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